The Interrogator

So when I get a guy’s number, I add a colon and a brief description. Sometimes the descriptions change. This one started off as, “:The Undercover Hottie.”

41, retired federal agent, and current investigator for a government agency. Our text conversations were great. Within a few days I found myself ending a 4 hour phone conversation with my cheeks hurting from laughing so hard (mostly at myself). He tells me he wants to take me out to dinner in New Orleans. Shit. I’m going to have to put on heels for this one.

I’m super nervous because he is every bit of handsome as I thought he would be. His eyes made this girl swoon.  He did a great job of engaging in conversation and easing any anxiety I had. It was quite a drive so there was plenty of “getting to know you” talk. I soon picked up on a pattern as he kept directing his conversation to my job. At first, I thought he was trying to find some middle ground by relating some of my cases to his past investigations. I didn’t mind so I went with it.

Dinner was amazing. Mistake #1: Have you ever worn heels in New Orleans? I got stuck in the cobblestone. When I say stuck, I mean I was about 96% sure I would be pulling a Cinderella.

He drops me off, there was a slight pause. Uhhh….I ask him if he wants to come in to continue our conversation. “No, I’m not coming in.” In a very matter of fact way. Okay. I shrug it off. He tells me how much he enjoyed the evening.

This one left me a bit confused as I felt the evening went pretty well. We text each other goodnight. He ghosted after he sends the next day’s “Good morning” message.

As I reflect on this, I realize this guy was more intrigued by what I do rather than me. A part of me tried to rationalize this as him trying to use my clinical judgement to gain better insight into some of his investigations. I can’t really call this one a date though. It was more like eating tacos during a 6 hour interrogation.

One thought on “The Interrogator

  1. Oh, how disappointing! Maybe he uses dates to do research for work. Ugh. As for nicknames, I always use them for people whom I have trouble remembering. In my phone I have Handyman Dude, aka Scott Johnson. Note section reads, “Everything around the house but electrical.”

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