The Pilot

This guy flew in out of nowhere. I swiped right after a few drinks at a local bar. He immediately messaged me.

Fast forward to the next day. He asks me out for dinner. I was already debating between taking a weekend off from dating to spend some quality time with my couch (which, I can imagine, has forgotten what I feel like) and the 3 other guys that had asked me out for that same dinner. 

Ah, what the hell. He tells me that he wants to take me some place nice. At this point, I just want to wear my jeans and Chucks. We’ll call it PTSD from the great New Orleans shoe disaster.  I derail that by asking him what his thoughts are on pizza. I suggest a local pizzeria and Viola! We have a date.

I get there a little early, let the host know I want the table in the corner, and order a glass of wine. I chat with the waitress and tell her I’m on a first date. We exchange dating stories and online dating disasters before she offers up a code word in case I need saving.  

He walks in, sees me, and smiles. We hit it off immediately. We talk and laugh over fried mozarella and pizza. We end up being the last two in the place before we realize they’ve closed. Afterwards, we walk around downtown as I give him a brief history of the city and the recent revitalization of the downtown area. From there, we head for some ice cream as we continue our conversation.

We end the date by quoting movies and showing each other our guns (part of an earlier conversation when he suggested we keep walking and I had to inform him that we were getting close to that part of town). He walks me back to my car. He asks me to let him know when I got home okay. He texts me to let me know again how much of a great time he had. 

It was refreshing to have such a good date. Unfortunately, this guy will be returning to Officer’s school so who knows if and when this will happen again. Even so, I enjoyed an evening full of great food, great company, and great conversation. 

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